Abha Thapliyal is a human rights activist who has been advocating for gender equality and mental health since 2013. She has worked with organisations dedicated to gender justice across India, the U.S and the U.K. After completing her bachelor’s degree in law and a post graduate diploma in counselling, she started an independent consultancy business in 2019. Abha works from home, seeing clients and writing for causes such as women and child rights, mental health, climate change and sex education. She lives with her family in Pune; her father is an ex-military aviation expert, her mother a therapist turned homemaker and the family dog who needs no introduction. She also takes care of her mother, an autoimmune patient who is currently shielding at home during the pandemic. She herself is a survivor of gender-based violence and lives with PTSD for which she is in therapy. It was in therapy, while recovering from a nervous breakdown, where she had the breakthrough to start a business that caters entirely to victims. She loves to read, cook, play board games and watch Netflix.


Abha Thapliyal is an independent consultant on family law, women’s rights and child welfare. She mainly takes on cases of domestic violence, divorce, custody, child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, sex education and mental health in youth. She offers legal advice and counselling and access to life-saving information, resources and people. She organises an integrated support system for her clients by connecting them to lawyers, doctors, therapists, non-governmental organisations and police officers. She acts as a lifeline to women and children in distress and functions as a contact person for clients during a crisis.

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